Once upon a time in a small country bathed by the sea on one side, a little girl was born. Her name Cristina.

With life all ahead of her, the years went by and the little girl made her choices.

The day came to grow-up, and choose what she wanted to be. At first everything seemed to make sense, it was all fun and full of joy, after all being big is not so bad, she thought. Time passed and the little girl now grown, began to think about her choices.

The seasons passed Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring (again), the grown girl filled with courage and went to learn what was always in her heart, Graphic Design on the Lisbon School of Design and learned illustration by herself.

She have discover her Rainbow.

Now the grown-up girl is even more grown up and lives on an island called the United Kingdom.

Her Dream has not yet appeared in campaigns or in editorial publications, perhaps one day ...

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